• Is It Time to Call a Locksmith?

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    If you’re like most people, you’ve probably experienced the frustrating situation of being locked outside of your house . While this situation can be frustrating, it is an easy one to solve. Here are three common situations in which it would beneficial to contact an experienced, trusted locksmith.

    You have lost the keys to your house
    Sometimes you can be preoccupied with work, family, or errands and accidentally misplace your keys. When your mind is somewhere else throughout the day it can be easy for your keys to fall out of your bag or hands and into an unknown corner of the parking lot. You may even set them down on a strange surface and leave without remembering to pick them up. In any of these situations, lost keys are a clear sign that you need to call an experienced locksmith who can help you get back into your home.

    You locked yourself out of your house
    Perhaps you haven’t lost your keys completely, but you have accidentally gotten locked outside of your house. This can be a frustrating situation because you know exactly where your keys are inside of your home, but are just unable to get to them. Instead of being stressed or upset that you would make such a mistake, it’s helpful to have the number of an experienced locksmith you can come by and help alleviate this stress.

    You don’t have an extra set of keys
    If you lock your keys inside of your house, then you could always call a spouse or family member to stop by and open up your front door. However depending on the time of day, it can be difficult for these individuals to leave their obligations and come let you back inside. Unless you have a hide stowed away at a neighbor’s home, calling a locksmith is probably the best solution to calmly getting back inside.

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  • Common Features Burglars Look for in a Home

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    The United States Office of Justice Programs defines burglary as unwelcome, and sometimes forceful entry inside of a residence . The ultimate purpose of this crime is typically to obtain valuable possessions in another person’s house. One way that you can keep your house from becoming a burglary target is to learn the common features that these criminals look for in a home.

    Expensively designed houses
    If your property is the most lavishly decorated in the neighborhood, then it will stand out to burglars. Instead of making sure that your house is the best looking property on the block, you should be keeping a conforming, low profile appearance that blends into the overall neighborhood style.

    Lack of deterrents
    Fences and automatic porch lights are both great measures to keep away determined thieves, but you should also take some security measures that aren’t so explicitly visible. For example, using a personal safe in your home to keep your important possessions and documents is a great way to deter potential thieves. You should also make sure that there are adequate lock and alarm systems on both your front and back doors.

    Lavish interior items
    A common tactic of home burglars is to pose as a salesman or someone in need of a glass of water just to get a glimpse of the items you have throughout your house. The best way to ensure that a potential thief doesn’t get a look at your interior items is to not let any strangers inside. A home safe hidden somewhere in your house can also be extremely useful in this situation because it ensures that whatever valuables you place inside of the safe remain out of view.

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  • How Padlocks Are Made

    The history of padlocks dates back to Roman times when individuals needed an effective way to secure their precious cargo. Today’s padlocks are still used to protect and secure some of the most valuable assets in people’s homes. The reason that so many have relied on these lock devices over the years is because they are made with such superior security technology.

    The strongest feature of modern padlocks is the base, which consists of 24 steel plates laminated together. This is the same state of the art technology that is used to secure bank vaults. As this video illustrates, this is only the first step in an intricate process to create an incredibly effective home security device.

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  • Different Types of Safes for Your Home

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    You’ve made the decision to improve the safety and security of your belongings by installing a safe from Armstrong Lock & Security Products—now it’s time to determine what type of safe is most appropriate for your home. Different types of safes are designed for different needs, so it’s critical that you choose one that works best in your home for your purposes. Here are some different features to consider when purchasing a new safe for your Orlando home .

    Fire, Burglary, and Water Resistance
    While most home safes are designed for general use, some are certified to be resistant against fire, burglary, water damage, or some combination of the three. If your biggest concern is theft, a burglary-resistant safe is the best option. If other security measures are in place, a fire- or water-resistant safe may be the better choice.

    Size and Placement of Your Safe
    Safes for the home come in a variety of sizes. Thinking about what you intend to stow in your safe allows you to determine the most appropriate size. For example, if you only intend to store a few pieces of jewelry, you may not need a large safe intended for document storage. You should also think about whether your safe needs to be stored or concealed in a specific area. For extra security, consider a floor or wall safe to make it harder to find.

    Special Applications
    Finally, consider choosing a specialized safe designed for your specific use. For example, if you intend to store firearms in the safe, it makes most sense to purchase a gun safe since the interior of these safes are designed ideally for safe and secure gun storage. Additionally, some gun safes are designed for short-term storage or quick access during an emergency. This type of accessibility may not be available in safes designed for general use.

    For more information on choosing the right safe for your Orlando home, contact Armstrong Lock & Security Products. We are Orlando’s premier safe retailer and installer . Call (321) 800-4982 to learn more about our products and services.

  • Important Documents You Should Store in Your Home’s Safe

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    If you need a secure, yet accessible place to store important documents, a home safe could be your best option. A quality home safe provides your documents protection against all sorts of hazards, while keeping them available to you at all times. Here’s a list of some documents you may want to keep in your secure home safe :

    Passports, Birth Certificates, and Social Security Cards
    With the risk of identity theft an ever-growing concern, keeping your most important identification documents safe and secure is crucial. Your passport, birth certificate, and original social security card can provide all of the information a crook needs to steal your identity. They are also difficult to replace once lost. Keeping these documents in a home safe will keep them safely in your possession.

    Treasured Documents
    Sometimes, the documents most important to you have no real value other than to your memories. Whether your most treasured documents are old letters, report cards, or family photos, storing these items in a home safe can help keep them safe from fire and loss. Home storage will also keep them accessible to you should you ever want to take a stroll down memory lane.

    It always helps to be prepared for the unexpected. If you have a will, a home safe may be the best place to store it. Bank safety deposit boxes are often sealed immediately upon notification of a person’s death. A home safe will give your family immediate access to your will if they should need it. To ensure timely access, make sure you securely share you safe’s access information with a loved one.

    When it comes to protecting your most treasured valuables, there is no alternative to a secure home safe. At Armstrong Lock & Security Products, we offer a full stock of depository safes for all of your document storage needs. To explore our inventory, visit our Orlando location or call us at (321) 800-4982.

    Be sure to ask your CPA for specifics, but, by purchasing a safe and storing tax documents in the safe you can use it as a tax write off.  Saving every little bit counts!