• Keyless Deadbolt Locks

    Access Control

    If you’re constantly losing your house key or have to visit your Orlando locksmith frequently to get new keys cut, then it may be time for you to discover the many benefits of a keyless deadbolt lock. This type of lock features an illuminated keypad that opens the door as soon as you or another family member has entered the correct number combination. In addition to making life a little more convenient, a keyless deadbolt lock can also make it far more secure as burglars can no longer pick a lock to gain access to your home.

    The best way to ensure that a keyless deadbolt lock will provide you with all of the advantages that it was designed to offer is to have it professionally installed by an experienced locksmithing company. The locksmiths here at Armstrong Lock & Security Products can make the process of switching out your obsolete key lock for a modern keyless version quick, inexpensive, and simple. To schedule your keyless deadbolt lock installation or to find the right style for your home, call us at (321) 800-4982.

  • Why You Should Consider Electronic Access Control for Your Business

    hand with the card access

    The biggest problem many business owners face with security is a lack of flexibility. You want restricted access to certain areas, but not at the expense of efficiency. With an electronic access control system , you can control who can access which areas of your business and when. Read on to learn about benefits of this highly flexible security technology.

    No Need to Change Locks
    Most businesses have a regular employee turnover rate. With key-operated locks, there’s always the risk of former employees compromising security. Electronic access control eliminates this risk. When an employee leaves your company, you only need to deactivate his or her keycard or change a lock code on a computer. That saves you the cost and hassle of rekeying yet still preserves the security of your business.

    Different Access for Different Employees
    With electronic access control, you can control who has access to each individual part of your facility. If you rely on shift employees, you can encode cards that function only during working hours. You can even encode special emergency cards for the use of security and maintenance personnel. The possibilities area many, and are entirely flexible to the exact needs of your business .

    Ability to Track Who Has Accessed Your Facility
    Electronic access control allows you to monitor who has accessed your facility and when. Most systems have the ability to memorize the last 20 cards that were used to gain access. If an incident such as a maintenance failure or a theft should occur at your business, you will be able to track exactly who had access to your facility at that time. This can also be a useful resource for police in building a case.

    If you’d like to implement electronic access control at your business, contact Armstrong Lock & Security Products of Orlando. We carry a full range of electronic security products , from push-button locks to electronic key entries. Call us at (321) 800-4982 to learn more about how we can help your business.


  • Retracing the History of Locksmithing in the 20th Century


    Whether you’re looking for a secure place to keep a family heirloom or a new gun, one of the best storage options for you to  invest in is a home safe . For hundreds of years, people have used locks and safes to protect their most precious keepsakes from theft or loss. Here is a brief look at the history of locksmithing in the 20th century:

    Family Apprenticeship in the early 20th Century
    When locksmithing began to take off as a valued trade in the 1920’s and 1930’s, it was still resigned to families with a history in the craft. Fathers taught their apprentice sons secret family methods for creating skeleton keys and flat mailbox keys that could be used in both commercial and residential property locks.

    Cylindrical Locks in the 1950’s
    During the 1950’s, locks evolved from the standard pin, bit, and skeleton mortise locks into more advanced padlocks and eventually, a cylindrical design lock. This type of lock was introduced by Schlage decades earlier, however it evolved during the 50’s and became the new in-demand lock style for homeowners and shop owners.

    Key Code Cutting Machines of the 1970’s
    After the Associated Locksmiths of America was founded in the mid-1950’s, locksmiths became more united and influential. For the next two decades, locksmith companies advanced their products to meet demands such as the public desire to add auxiliary cylindrical deadbolt latches to standard locks. Key code cutting machines also appeared on the scene in the 70’s, which made it easier to produce keys.

    American Desire for Increased Security
    From the 1980’s onwards, locksmithing companies began to cater their services towards a more secure-minded crowd. Americans desired safer locks on their homes, cars, and safes. This led to the development of devices like the Passive Anti-Theft System created by Ford and electronic locks for commercial and industrial establishments.

    Armstrong Lock & Security Products has evolved with the craft of locksmithing since opening our doors in 1929. From gun safes to access control systems, we sell the latest and most technologically advanced equipment available to protect your home or business. To learn about our high-security products , visit us online or call (321) 800-4982.

  • Why You Should Bolt Your Safe to the Floor


    The best safes are incredibly difficult to access, so many thieves will simply haul them away and attempt to break into them in a more secure setting. That’s why the security of your safe is not complete until you properly secure it to the floor.  A safe bolted to the floor will be highly difficult to remove unless extreme actions are taken. If you ever want to move your safe, you can open it up and remove the securing nuts. Armstrong Lock & Security Products highly recommends bolting down any safe under 1000lbs.

    At Armstrong Lock & Security Products, we supply a range of safes at our convenient Orlando location. Whether you are seeking a safe for a gun collection, treasured valuables, or other items, we can supply the model that meets your exact needs. Call us at (321) 800-4982 to learn more about our current inventory .