• State Farm—Improve Home Security with Home Lighting

    Home security is by no means simple. Indeed, in addition to investing in high-quality locks, keeping your home safe also requires proper lighting and a number of other things.

    In this video you will learn about improving home security with home lighting. When it comes to home security, deterrence is critical. Homes that do not appear to be well maintained stand out as targets for burglars. Homes that are maintained and well lighted, on the other hand, make more difficult targets and are therefore safer.

    If you want to learn more about how home lighting can improve your home’s security, watch the video provided above. To learn more about how our products can help you secure your home, call Armstrong Lock & Security Products at (321) 800-4982.

  • How to Stay Prepared for a Lock Out


    Locking yourself out of your apartment or home can be a frustrating experience. Fortunately there are precautions you can take that can help make dealing with a lockout simpler. For one, make sure to always carry your cellphone. In the case of a lockout, you will be able to use your phone to contact a building manager, a locksmith , or the proper authorities. Another useful tip is, if possible, to make duplicate keys. Leaving a spare key in the possession of a trusted family member or friend can be a huge time-saver in the event of a lockout.

    One of the most effective and most secure ways to prevent a lockout is simply to get into the habit of locking your door when you leave. This is more secure than relying on an automatic lock mechanism. If you want to learn more about staying prepared for a lockout, call Armstrong Lock & Security Products at (321) 800-4982.

  • Reasons to Change the Locks in Your Home


    The locks on your home’s doors are your strongest line of defense against intruders. Without functioning or secure locks, your home will be vulnerable to burglaries and intrusion. Knowing the situations in which it is prudent to change your home’s locks can help you secure your property and keep your family safe. Here are some reasons to change the locks in your home.

    Lost Keys
    Losing your keys can be an extremely frustrating experience, especially if you don’t have a spare available. It is worth remembering, however, than a pair of lost keys is more than just an inconvenience. It’s also a security risk. If you lose your keys, you should immediately consider changing the locks on your home. There’s no telling where a pair of lost keys might end up. And even if someone ends up returning your keys later on, there’s no guarantee that copies of the key were not made. Changing your locks is the only guarantee that a lost pair of keys won’t be used to gain entry into your home.

    Moving Into a New Home
    If you have just moved into a new home, changing the locks is a good security precaution. In the course of their residence, the previous homeowners may have shared copies of their keys with friends and family members. These keys may have been copied in distributed in turn. Changing the locks acts like a reset button and ensures that no one who knew the previous tenants will be able to gain entry to your home.

    Malfunctioning or Old Locks
    Like any other appliance or device in your home, locks experience wear and tear over time. Eventually your locks can deteriorate to the point where locking and unlocking becomes difficult. Worn locks generally have a much higher chance of failure. In order to prevent your home’s security from being compromised, make sure to change your locks once they start to lose their functionality.

    Understanding when changing your home’s locks is necessary can help keep your home safe. If you want to learn more about the situations in which it is prudent to change your home’s locks, call Armstrong Lock & Security Products at (321) 800-4982.

  • How Secure Doors Protect Your Home

    A home’s entry doors may constitute only a small fraction of its total exterior, but they still serve as points of entry for the vast majority of residential break-ins that occur. To learn how to better secure these doors so that you can strengthen your home’s defense against burglars and enjoy greater peace of mind, watch this brief This Old House and State Farm® Insurance sponsored video clip.

    In just 30 seconds, you will learn how to determine whether your front door and door jamb are as strong as they can be. The home security experts in this clip recommend using three-inch screws to secure hinges and installing a strike plate behind the door jamb. To prevent unauthorized entry via side and back doors, lock sliding doors using a security bar.

    Are you an Orlando area homeowner who is dissatisfied with your home’s current burglary defenses? To arrange to have your residential security beefed up with access control and maximum security locks , call Armstrong Lock & Security Products at (321) 800-4982.

  • Tips for Choosing the Best Safe for Your Home

    Open Safe isolated on black

    Installing a safe in your home is one of the best ways to not only protect important items but also provide you and your loved ones with peace of mind. From personal documents to jewelry, there are countless items that can be stored in today’s modern safes , thanks to their wide variety of sizes and features. Here are some tips for choosing the best safe for your home:

    Determine Your Security Goals
    The first step to take when choosing a new safe is to determine what your basic needs are. Most safes offer some type of specialty protection, such as security in the wake of a fire or flood. If you are not looking for a safe that will protect items from the elements but instead deter robbers, then choose a model that is discrete and able to be bolted to the floor or wall.

    Set a Budget
    Another factor that should play into your decision is cost. Before purchasing from your Orlando area safe suppliers, be sure to determine what your budget is. Larger safes tend to be more expensive as do models that contain special features like additional compartments. The least expensive safes are often small units that offer fireproofing benefits, however they may not provide the security you need for incredibly valuable items.

    Decide Where to Place It in the Home
    Do you know where you will be placing the safe inside of your Orlando home? Be sure to consider the future location of the safe before you purchase it. Common places for safes include a bedroom closet, however, it may be a good idea for you to be more innovative with your location choice as the bedroom tends to be one of the first stops for a burglar.

    No matter what type of safe you require in your home, you can find it with help from the professionals here at Armstrong Lock & Security Products. For over 84 years we’ve been providing clients in the Orlando area with the equipment they need to enhance the level of security in their homes. You can learn more about our selection of home safes by calling (321) 800-4982.