• When Do Most Home Break-Ins Happen?


    Home break-ins happen every day in all parts of the United States. However, what might come as a surprise to homeowners about break-ins is when they occur. While common knowledge tells us that break-ins happen at night, since thieves like the cover of darkness, nothing could be further from the truth. Generally, the vast majority of break-ins happen during the daytime hours. This is because most people are at work and children are at school. Also, thieves commonly steal during the summer months but remain less active at other times of the year, especially in February.

    By taking a few simple precautions, such as using a security camera or dead bolt locks, you can prevent your home from being burglarized. For more information on protecting your house and family from thieves, call Armstrong Lock & Security Products. Our team of experienced locksmiths provides access control services that can improve the security around your home, so contact us in Orlando today at (321) 800-4982 for more information.

  • How to Prepare Your Home for Vacation

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    According to the FBI, approximately four homes are burgled every minute in the United States. Many times, criminals watch to see when homeowners leave on vacation, since this lets them know that they will have plenty of time to pick locks or find a place to break in.

    In order to guard your home against burglaries while you are on vacation, you can add automatic timers to your lights so it does not appear that no one is home. You should also make sure that all of your windows are tightly locked. For more tips for securing your home while you are on vacation, watch this video.

    The professional locksmiths at Armstrong Lock & Security Products can install safes in your Orlando home so that even in the event of an unlawful entry, your valuables will be safe from burglars. For more information, call us today at (321) 800-4982.

  • A Look at the Different Types of Locks

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    Most homes and offices are secured by a wide variety of locks. From the front entry door to safes and filing cabinets inside, there are many locks that stand between burglars and your valuables. Different types of locks are suited to different applications, and you can read on to learn a bit more about each type.

    Padlocks, which are most often found on gym lockers, can also be used to secure garage doors or tool shed doors on your property. All exterior doors should be equipped with deadbolts, which secure them to the frame and resist all but the most extreme force and the most skilled picking. Knob locks are perfectly adequate for interior doors, and as secondary locks on outer doors, but you should not rely on them to provide complete security. For added security, you can install jimmy-proof deadbolts or chains.

    Armstrong Lock & Security Products can help you evaluate your home’s security needs and choose the types of locks and safes that are right for you. Call us in Orlando at (321) 800-4982 to schedule an appointment today.

  • Benefits of Having Keyless Entry for Your Home

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    Countless homeowners already know the security benefits of having tamper-resistant fireproof safes in their home to store their valuables, but many do not realize the benefits that other security upgrades can bring. Modern technology provides many devices and products that can help you make your home safer and guard against intrusion and theft. Keyless door locks , for example, provide numerous benefits.

    Increased Convenience
    How many times have you had to dig around in your pockets or in your purse to find your keys when arriving home with your arms full of groceries? Or perhaps you have asked a friend or family member to house-sit when you are out of town, and you have had to track down your set of spare keys or even visit the hardware store to have new ones cut. With convenient keyless entry , all you do is type a code on your keypad in order to get into your home.

    Improved Security
    Many homeowners keep a spare key hidden somewhere on their property in case they get locked out. Unfortunately, professional criminals know the most common hiding places for these keys, including under a welcome mat, over a door jamb, or even inside a fake rock. Having a keyless entry installed on your door prevents anyone who does not know the code from gaining access to your home unless they forcibly break in and damage the door and lock, which will trigger an alarm.

    Enhanced Vigilance
    Keyless entry systems can record data that will tell you when someone attempted to open your door, successfully or unsuccessfully. If anyone tries to enter the wrong code, the system will record the attempt. If your keyless entry is connected to your home alarm system as it should be, it can also alert the police after a certain number of failed entry attempts.

    The locksmiths at Armstrong Lock & Security Products can help you make your Orlando home more secure by installing keyless entry on your doors, or safes anywhere in your home. Schedule an appointment with us today by calling (321) 800-4982.

  • How a Burglar Can Pick Your Lock


    Simply having a lock on your door is not enough to prevent determined criminals from gaining access to your home. A skilled burglar does not need to break any windows or force any doors in order to get inside your house—he can do so simply by picking the lock. While lock picks are illegal to possess unless you are a licensed locksmith , many burglars have contraband sets that they use to commit crimes and steal valuable items. Read on to learn how burglars pick basic locks.

    Basic Cylinder Locks
    Most standard locks on home doors are cylinder locks. The only difference between a deadbolt and a standard cylinder lock is one small spring. Deadbolts use a solid piece of metal to secure the door, while standard cylinder locks use a spring to help make it easier to lock the door. Unfortunately, the spring does not provide much security and it can easily be forced. Deadbolts, however, are still vulnerable to lock picking .

    Pin and Tumbler Design
    Pin and tumbler locks are the most common designs in use today. These locks use a series of small, spring-loaded pins to keep the cylinder from turning. When there is no key in the lock, the position of the pins blocks the motion of the cylinder. When the correct key is inserted, all of the pins are aligned in such a way that the cylinder is free to rotate, which allows the lock to be opened.

    Picking a Lock
    In order to pick a pin and tumbler lock, all a burglar must do is use special tools to align the pins until the lock can be turned and the door can be opened. The pick, which is a long, thin piece of metal, is used in conjunction with a tension wrench to align all the pins.

    If you would like to improve security in your Orlando home and control access by installing more secure locks such as keyless entry pads, call Armstrong Lock & Security Products today at (321) 800-4982 to learn more about our security solutions.