• A Look at the Different Types of Safes We Carry

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    Armstrong Lock & Security Products offers a variety of safes, from depository to handgun. In addition, we provide safe accessories such as electric locks and a dehumidifying rod. Our record safes come in a variety of sizes that will fit whatever need you might have. We also provide wall and floor safes. Our gun safes are large and accommodating, with several levels of shelving. We also offer a small handgun safe that can be easily hidden anywhere in the home. If you are looking to purchase a safe at a discount rate, we offer pre-owned safes at great prices.  We have safes that can fit whatever size, color, or shape you may need.

    Whether you are purchasing a safe or installing a home security system, Armstrong Lock & Security Products can serve you. We are a full service locksmith, can install access control systems, and more. Visit our website or call (321) 800-4982 to learn more about our services.

  • The Importance of Having a Good Locksmith


    If the lock on your front door breaks or if you lose your house key, which locksmith would you call? It’s an important question to ask, since the quality of the service you receive will depend on how qualified the locksmith is. Here are some of the reasons why it’s important to have a good locksmith .

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    A key benefit of knowing a good locksmith is trustworthiness. For the most part, many locksmiths that advertise on the Internet and in the phone book are not reputable and will not be honest with you about pricing and other factors. In contrast, good locksmiths will give you an estimate up-front and provide you with service you can rely on. Usually, the best way to find a trustworthy locksmith is to do research by reading customer reviews and talking to neighbors who have needed to hire a locksmith in the past.

    Lock problems happen at the most inconvenient of times—usually when you are in a hurry or need to run an important errand. Considering this, one of the best reasons to have a good locksmith is that they are dependable. Professional locksmiths are expertly trained in how to open various types of locks quickly and efficiently. As a result, you can take confidence in their level of expertise and rest assured that you are getting the best service possible.

    In rare cases, a lock or door may become damaged while it is being worked on by a locksmith. If this occurs, it’s always beneficial to know that your locksmith is reputable. Good locksmiths are fully insured, so if any damage is caused during the locksmithing, it will be fully covered by the insurance provider.

    If you live in Orlando and want to hire a locksmith you can trust, make an appointment with Armstrong Lock & Security Products. We have been in business for decades and are committed to providing the highest-quality locksmithing services around. To learn more about our company or services , call us today at (321) 800 4982.

  • What Should You Do If You Have Been Burglarized


    A burglary is defined as unlawful entry into a home or building with the intention of stealing. Typically, the homeowner isn’t present at the time of a burglary. If you come home to a burglary, there are a few steps you should take to ensure your immediate and future safety .

    Stay Outside
    If you arrive home and realize that it has been broken into, or there has been an obvious attempt, do not enter the property. Don’t touch anything, return to your vehicle, and call 911. Do not wait around outside or near the house, because the burglar could still be somewhere on the property. The burglar might have entered on foot, so the absence of a vehicle doesn’t always mean the area has been vacated. Avoid a run-in with a potentially armed burglar by driving to a safe place.

    Assess the Damage
    Once law enforcement responds, they will make sure the house is safe and will ask for a statement to determine what has been taken. This information will go in an official report. You will need to give an account of everything that is missing and asses any damage to your property. Most likely, you will not recover your stolen items, so your next step will be filing an insurance claim if you have the proper coverage. If your home security system was damaged, it may also be covered under your insurance policy.

    Restore Security
    After the burglary, it is important to ensure that your home is well protected against any future threats. Change the locks to all the doors in your home, and install deadbolt locks on all the windows and doors. In addition, double-key locks on doors with windows. Consider placing motion sensor lights outdoors and set interior lights on timers. This will keep burglars from detecting your routine or when you might be home. If you don’t currently have a home security system, install one as soon as possible.

    If you need your locks changed or have any home security needs, Armstrong Lock & Security Products of Orlando can serve you. We provide high security products for businesses and homes. Our services include lock hardware, access control system installation, and CCTV. Visit our website or contact us at (321) 800-4982 to learn more about our services.

  • Simple Tips to Keep Your Home Safe from Burglars

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    Home robberies happen in the Orlando area on a daily basis. Unfortunately, many of these robberies occur because homeowners do not take the right precautions to protect their houses from thieves. To learn some simple tips for keeping your home safe from burglars, keep on reading or talk to your local locksmith .

    Ensure House Always Seems Occupied
    Burglars usually break into houses when they think nobody is at home. So whenever you leave the house for an extended period of time, you should make sure that it seems occupied. To do this, have a neighbor collect any mail that gets delivered to your home and take the trash containers out periodically. Also, if you have a well-maintained yard, take care of any plant pruning or grass cutting before you go on your trip. Keeping these appearances up will make burglars think you are still at home and thwart a potential break in.

    Get Deadbolt Locks
    When committing a robbery, thieves like to get in and out of house quickly without being noticed. An easy way to slow these criminals down and make them think twice about coming into your home is to install deadbolt locks on all exterior doors. For best results, make sure that any deadbolt locks that you use are grade one quality and have throw bolts that are longer than an inch. Also, have a qualified locksmith put the locks in to ensure proper installation.

    Use Security Cameras
    Thieves try to avoid detection and will go to great lengths to not be caught on film. In light of this fact, you should consider having a qualified professional install security cameras around your residence. Along with deterring criminal activity, security cameras will let you know what is going on all times, which will give you peace of mind.

    For more information about home security, contact the professionals at Armstrong Lock & Security Products. Since 1929, our dedicated staff has been helping Orlando residents feel safer in their homes. Whether you need locksmith services or would like to purchase a safe, we can assist you. Call us today at (321) 800-4982 to get started!