• How to Teach Your Kids About Home Security


    When you are a parent, it is your job to keep your children safe . You can do this by educating your kids so that they follow the proper course of action in potentially dangerous situations. Here is how to teach your kids about home security.

    Mother with son at doorway

    Small Children
    It is never too early to teach your kids how to keep themselves safe. Teaching kids how to stay safe at a young age is especially important if they are often left home under the supervision of their siblings. Tell young children that they should not open the door for someone when an adult is not there. They should also refrain from answering the phone when a parent is not home. Show your children how to lock doors properly in order to keep the home secure.  Your family should have a plan  for evacuating the house in the event of a fire or related emergency.

    Today’s kids are using technology at a younger and younger age. Unfortunately, this often threatens their security. If your child is active on social media websites, make sure that they are not posting information that could end up harming them. For example, they should not post about being home alone if their parents go out; this may invite potential criminals to attempt to access your home. You should also show your tween how to use your security system.

    If you have older children, have them help you teach their younger siblings about home security. Teenagers should know how to use the home security and access control systems. If they have smartphones, teach them how to do this using apps. When you have a new home security system installed, make sure your teen is involved so that he or she can understand how everything works and understand potential weaknesses.

    If you would like further guidance in teaching your kids about home security, call Armstrong Lock & Security Products at (407) 434-0181. We have been providing the Orlando area with safes, access control, and surveillance services since 1929. For more information about our services, please feel free to  visit our website .

  • A Guide to Choosing the Right Locks for Home Security


    The purpose of exterior door locking mechanisms is to keep anyone who has not been given access to your home from getting inside. Unfortunately, the dissemination of information about lock picking means that many locks cannot provide homeowners with the peace of mind they are looking for when it comes to protecting their homes. Fortunately, there are still some locks that can make your home’s exterior doors nearly impenetrable to those without a key or code. As you set out to find the best locks for your home, consider the following advice.

    High Security Lock

    Prioritize Exterior Locks
    If you are looking to replace all the locks in your home and are working with a limited budget, give precedence to exterior door locks and locks to rooms in which valuables or guns are stored. A high-quality home safe that is designed for the storage of guns or personal documents can eliminate the need for any high-security locks inside your home.

    Deadbolts are Essential
    Deadbolts still offer the best prevention  against burglars looking to pick locks. There are many types of deadbolts, many of which are classified as high security. If you can afford it, choose high security deadbolt mechanisms that can only be unlocked with anti-lock bumping keys such as the Mul-T Lock High Security Key.

    Choosing a Reputable Locksmith Will Pay Off
    A good locking mechanism will only provide you with great protection if it is installed by a skilled and experienced locksmith whom you can trust. Do not hire a locksmith company just because it is close to your home or offers affordable services. Shop around until you find a reputable locksmith who makes you feel comfortable.

    While high-security deadbolt locks will keep the majority of would-be burglars from entering your home, they are only one part of a comprehensive home security system. You can ramp up your home’s fortification against unwelcome visitors by installing an effective security system equipped with CCTV monitoring cameras. To speak with an  experienced Orlando locksmith  who installs a range of high-security deadbolt locks and also installs CCTV security equipment, call Armstrong Lock & Security Products at (407) 434-0181.

  • Keep Your Work Files Safe with the Simplex Security Guard

    Chain and file stack

    From innovative product plans that you wish to protect from prying eyes to classified client information, there may be a number of work files in your office that you wish to keep under lock and key. Since lock-equipped filing cabinets offer only limited protection, it is safer to keep all highly sensitive and private documents in an office safe rather than in a locking file cabinet. Unfortunately, safes can be expensive and are generally not designed for the storage of files that you wish to keep readily accessible to you.

    The FG Series File Guard from Simplex is the perfect office file security solution, as it allows you to transform your filing cabinet into a safe without forcing you to spend a fortune or come up with a new method for organizing sensitive files. A professional locksmith equips your existing filing cabinet with a heavy-duty steel channel bar that prevents access to your files without the correct combination code. To learn more about this affordable office security solution, or to arrange to have an experienced locksmith install the Simplex File Guard in your Orlando home, call Armstrong Lock & Security Products at (407) 434-0181.

  • Tips for Protecting Your Personal Documents

    Protected Files

    When you think about valuable items in your home, what comes to mind? Many homeowners’ think first about their jewelry, home theater equipment, family heirlooms, and expensive home decor. While these are items you certainly want to protect and it is wise to safeguard them with an automated home access control and security system , it is also important to protect sensitive personal identification and financial documents. You can protect your passport, social security card, birth certificate, tax returns, and other documents from burglars, water damage, and misplacement with the following tips.

    Protective Covers
    Regardless of where you store your personal documents, you can protect them from water damage from spills and general wear with protective plastic page slips. You can further protect your documents from the elements by storing these plastic page slips in a file box or folder.

    Home Safe
    Protective covers will help you keep your documents in good condition, but in order to keep them out of the wrong hands you will need to keep your identification and financial documents securely locked up. A fireproof home safe that can be mounted to a wall in your home is one of the best mechanisms for storing documents that you wish to access frequently or may need access to on a moment’s notice.

    Safe Deposit Box
    Old tax returns, birth certificates, insurance and any other important documents that you do not need on a regular basis can be safely stored in a safe deposit box at your local bank or credit union. Since you can generally only access documents stored in your safe deposit box during regular business hours, it is a good idea to make copies of all documents you decide to protect this way. Store copies of the original documents in your home safe in case you need them during off-hours at your bank.

    At Armstrong Lock & Security Products in Orlando , helping residents and businesses protect sensitive documents and other valuables from those who should not have access to them is our specialty. To explore our extensive selection of home safes and access control solutions, visit our website or call us at (407) 434-0181.