• A Look at Proper Gun Storage


    Proper gun storage is imperative when it comes to keeping your family safe and your guns away from potential thieves or attackers. You will need a high-quality gun safe to store your guns properly. Keep reading to learn more about proper gun storage.

    handgun lying over a Leather handbag.

    The most important component of proper gun storage is an appropriate safe. However, this safe will be useless if it does not remain locked.  Make sure you choose an effective lock  that cannot easily be broken. Key locks are useful as long as you can find the right place to keep your key so that you can access it when you need to, but others will not find it. For the ultimate security, you may want to consider a biometric lock that only opens when it senses your fingerprint. Keep your safe locked whenever it contains your guns in order to prevent injuries.

    Another crucial component to safe and proper gun storage is keeping your guns unloaded. If, for some reason, a young person were to find your gun safe unlocked and the guns inside loaded, the potential for danger would be significant. It is also wise to keep your ammunition in a different area from where you store your firearms to further reduce the risk of accidental harm.

    Talk to everyone you live with about your firearms. It is important to discuss safety precautions with your family members or roommates. Alleviate children’s curiosity by discussing safe gun use with them and educating them about the importance of practicing safe and proper conduct around firearms.

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  • A Guide to Buying a Home Safe


    A home safe can help to protect your belongings from all sorts of threats. The type of safe you decide to buy will depend on what type of protection you need. Here is a guide to buying a home safe.

    Safe Combo Dial

    Type of Lock
    Different types of safes have different types of locks. If you are prone to losing things, it would probably be best to get a safe with  a dial or electronic code  rather than a lock that only opens for a key. This is also advantageous in that the key can be stolen but, as long as you do not write it down, your access code cannot.

    Type of Protection
    In addition to robbers, people may want to protect their belongings from various different threats. People who live in dry areas where fires frequently occur may want to purchase a fireproof safe. Alternatively, others may want to obtain a waterproof safe. The packaging for these safes will typically describe the extent of the protection it provides. Many fireproof safes can handle extreme heat and flames for one or two hours, and many waterproof safes can be fully submerged for one or two hours as well. Armstrong Lock & Security Products offers safes with warranties so that even your protection is protected.

    The bigger your safe is, the harder it is to steal. This means that even if you do not need all the room that the safe offers, it still may be a wise investment to go large. Safes that are comparable in size to a miniature refrigerator are typically difficult to discreetly remove from a home. Heavier safes are also usually sturdier and therefore provide additional protection for your valuable belongings. No matter how big your safe is, Armstrong Lock & Security Products will happily deliver it to your home.

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  • When Is the Right Time to Replace Your Locks?

    Hand Holding House Key

    Locks are essential for your security, so it is crucial to make sure that they are functioning properly; if they are not, they must be fixed or replaced. Read on if you are wondering if it is time to replace your locks.

    The first sign that it is time to replace your lock is inefficiency. If it gets stuck or is difficult to open or close, you can save yourself some frustration by getting a replacement. If they continue to decline, you may find yourself locked out of your home. In the event that your lock breaks or is otherwise unreliable, you should find a replacement immediately. Faulty locks do not provide adequate security and your home becomes vulnerable.

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  • Tips for Replacing a Deadbolt Lock

    A deadbolt lock is a great type of lock when it comes to security. After a long period of time, however, you may want to change your deadbolts. Watch this video for a few tips for replacing a deadbolt lock.

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