• Simple Ways to Deter Burglars

    Burglars, home invaders, and other similar criminals have always been problematic for business and homeowners. Fortunately, technology like access control systems can now help these individuals protect themselves against criminal activity . Continue reading for an overview of a few simple ways to deter burglars.

    Backup Your Locks

    In today’s society, every door should have a lock. Standard knob locks may be viable for screen or storm doors, but the doors that lead onto your property should feature a little more stability. A deadbolt lock is the best choice for an exterior door. It is also wise to reinforce your doorway itself with a metal strike plate in order to discourage invaders from entering. Sliding doors can be convenient and aesthetically pleasing, but they typically do not feature security locks; you can either install heavier locks on sliding doors or secondary locking systems like the Cal Double Bolt Lock.

    Don’t Leave Spare Keys

    It can be tough to tell if your child is ready for a house key of his or her own, which leads many parents to store hidden spare keys on their property. This may seem like the perfect middle ground; your kids get more responsibility without having to worry about losing their keys. Unfortunately, burglars often know where to look for these backup keys, making them more of a liability than a responsible step forward.

    Communicate with the Police

    Whenever you see any sort of suspicious activity in your neighborhood or around your place of work, do not hesitate to talk to the police. Even if you do not catch a criminal or stop a crime in progress, you may be able to prevent a future crime from happening in your area. Remember that it is the duty of the police force to protect you and your community.

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  • Tips for Preventing Burglars

    Burglars are real threats, and they tend to be more active around the holidays. Fortunately you can use access control systems , high security deadbolt locks, and other techniques to ward them off. Watch this video for tips for preventing burglars.

    While we recommend a better lock than what is shared in the video, the tips on reinforcing the door and door frame, and upgrading your window security is a great idea.

    The more valuable items you keep by your front door or window, the more you might encourage a burglar to attempt to enter your house. Keep your valuable items stored away, and be sure to arm your doors with deadbolt locks. Your doors should also have reinforced strike plates so they are more difficult to break down.

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  • Features of CCTV Systems

    Just like high security locks and access control systems, CCTV systems can help you keep your employees safe and your property secure. Your commercial locksmith can install this closed-circuit television system and allow you to better understand what is happening at your business. Keep reading for an insider look at the features of CCTV systems.

    People often have trouble believing things until they seem them themselves, and your CCTV system will allow you to do just that. Whether you seek to prevent criminals from breaking into the cars in your parking lot or figure out how inventory is coming up missing, a CCTV system can be a practical and effective form of security. These systems can record video for review at a later time, and they can also serve as monitors that give you real-time visual insight as to what is happening on your property.

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