• What You Need to Know about Door Reinforcement

    Upgrading your front door locks to security locks, electronic door locks, or digital door locks can significantly enhance your door’s security. A high-security lock near Orlando , combined with a comprehensive home security system that includes a security camera system and video surveillance cameras, will keep your family and belongings safe from harm. Here are some important facts that you should know about door reinforcement and door security.

    Basic Elements and Equipment for Door Security Door Security

    In addition to high-quality security locks, your door security can be enhanced by other pieces of equipment. A deadbolt door lock shouldn’t be your primary front door lock, and should be combined with another high-security lock. You also should invest in a solid door with a peephole, and install security cameras or surveillance cameras so that you don’t have to open your door to see who’s there. Your door’s hinges should be on the interior to prevent someone from removing them. Your door shouldn’t have windows or doggy doors that allow access to the door locks.

    The Best High-Security Locks for Doors

    Front door locks have come a long way over the years, and homeowners now have many options for enhancing door security. Deadbolt door locks have long been a standard element of door security, but homeowners should consider installing electronic door locks, keyless door locks, or digital door locks for increased door security. Mechanical and electronic door locks cannot be picked or compromised. When combined with a solid home security system and access control system, your home will be significantly less vulnerable to a break-in.

    Scheduling a Door Security Consultation

    If you’re interested in door reinforcement, you should schedule a door security consultation with your local locksmith company or home security company. A locksmith will thoroughly investigate your property to identify areas that are vulnerable to break-ins. He can then replace your door locks with high-security locks like electronic door locks, keyless door locks, or digital door locks. He can also provide window reinforcement and door lock repair, and install a security camera system or video surveillance system.

  • Choosing a Secure Front Door

    A locksmith can enhance your front door security by installing high-security locks like electronic door locks in Orlando . A solid door with no windows, combined with keyless door locks, can prevent burglaries, break-ins, and home invasions. Digital door locks offer a much higher level of door security than doorknob or deadbolt door locks, especially when used in combination with a home security system and front door security cameras or surveillance cameras.

    Watch this video for some great tips for choosing a secure front door and enhancing your overall door security. Your locksmith can provide a door security consultation, and identify your front door’s weaknesses. He can then install security locks or electronic locks on your front door, and set up a home security system, security camera system, or video surveillance system.

  • The Benefits of Outdoor Security

    When you are boosting your home’s security with things like electronic locks in Orlando , don’t overlook the outside of your home. Outdoor security is an important part of your overall safety plan that may incorporate things like keyless door locks and home security systems.

    Watch this video for outdoor security tips. Lighting is the key factor for keeping your home’s exterior safe. Lights that run on timers and go off and on at different times discourage would-be criminals from even getting close to your door locks. Mounting an outdoor surveillance system helps you keep an eye on your property. The combinations of strategic security lighting and strong home security systems will increase your family’s safety at home.

  • Touring Our Safes

    In addition to electronic and high-security locks in Orlando, Armstrong Lock & Security Products offers a line of safes for your valuables . Safes are where you keep your most prized possessions, so why take a risk by going to anyone but our expert locksmiths and security experts when choosing a safe for your home or office?

    We offer a variety of safes for every need, including wall safes, office safes, fireproof safes, and security safes. These safes are designed to keep everything from family heirlooms to important documents, like your passports, social security cards, and financial documents, protected from damage or theft. Our gun safes keep your firearms safely stowed away and out of the hands of your children.

    Safes are one more line of security available from Armstrong Lock & Security Product. From keyless door locks and surveillance cameras to gate locks, we have the solutions to your needs for residential and commercial security. Consult with our locksmiths to learn what safes and other security tools are right for you.