• Signs You Need to Replace Your Locks

    High security locks are essential to keeping a home or business safe against burglars or people wandering in unknowingly. To maintain a secure level of safety, locks should be updated somewhat regularly. Continue reading for a few signs that you should look into replacement locks.

    You have difficulty locking or unlocking your door. Replace Your Locks

    If your lock has begun to rust or corrode in any way, then you should be calling your commercial locksmith. If the key sticks every time you put it in the lock, or you have difficulty turning the key, then you need to replace the lock as soon as possible.

    You or an employee has misplaced keys.

    Accidents happen all the time, and one of those accidents might be misplacing the key to your store’s door lock or a desk lock. If the key cannot be located in a timely manner, then you should call a professional to replace the locks . In the event that someone with bad intentions found the key, they might be able to enter your store and steal from you.

    Your store experienced a burglary.

    In the event of a burglary, you should always change the locks everywhere in your store and update the codes of your wall safes. Burglars have many different means to steal information, whether that be a safe code or key information for a door or desk lock. Ensure the security of your employees, merchandise, and important documents by changing the locks after a burglary.

    You are worried about a disgruntled employee.

    Though you should always hope for an amicable end to an employee-employer relationship, that may not always happen. If you have an ex-employee who has a key to your store or codes to your safe, then consider changing the locks, especially if the relationship ended on precarious terms.

    Armstrong Lock & Security Products seeks to keep everyone, commercial or residential, protected with high security locks near Orlando. We strive to provide our clients with any product they need for security, whether that be a CCTV system or security safe. Please call 407-434-0181 to learn more about the products we offer .

  • Spotlight on the Process of Gate Repair

    Whether your home has recently been burglarized, your gate has been damaged in an accident, or your system has broken, you should have a professional gate repair immediately. If your home was burglarized, then you should also have a high security lock installed along with your gate repair.

    Your professional gate installer and repairperson will visit your home or business to judge the damage. He will recommend the necessary repairs or a replacement to restore the function of your gate. Once the repairs have been completed, you will be given maintenance tips and a quick tutorial in the gate’s operation, if you need it.

    If you need a gate repair in Orlando, then you know to call Armstrong Lock & Security Products at 407-434-0181. We have commercial and residential locksmiths ready to repair and install a new gate or access control system as soon as you need it. Please visit us online or call us if you need a 24-hour locksmith to come to your aid.

    Gate Repair

  • A Look at Maxim Deadbolts

    If you are looking for the only name in secure deadbolts, then you look to Medeco Maxim Deadbolts. This lock has proven countless times over that it is the high security lock that burglars cannot beat.

    As you can see in the short video, Maxim Deadbolts can withstand multiple types of attacks, including kicking and hitting with a hammer. The keys cannot be duplicated without the owner’s permission, and they can only be duplicated by a certified residential or commercial locksmith. Both of these features offer you the highest level of protection against burglars.

    Trust Armstrong Lock & Security Products your dealer and installer of Maxim Deadbolts near Orlando. With our various locking systems available, you will not have to worry about anyone breaking into your home or business. Please call us at 407-434-0181 to learn how we can help keep you secure.

  • Tips for Making Sure that Your Door Locks are Secure

    Door locks cannot keep you safe if they are not secure, which is why it is wise to look into high security locks near Orlando . Front door locks keep burglars out of your home and criminals out of your workplace, but you will need to do some research to make sure you choose the right ones. You can also look to your locksmith for help in deciding which locks are best for you, and be sure to bolster your doorframe for extra support. Read on for more on these tips for making sure that your door locks are secure.

    Do your research. Door Locks

    Before you go out and purchase a new door lock for your home or business, think about your needs. Your options are virtually endless, so think about the features that mean the most to you. Are you looking for an electronic lock? Do you need a lock that will provide aesthetic appeal in addition to security? Does the product you have in mind come with a lifetime guarantee? Make sure to do your research and ask the necessary questions so you can be sure to end up with a door lock that is secure and meets your needs.

    Hire a trustworthy locksmith.

    If you want to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a safe home or office, make sure you hire a locksmith that you know you can trust. Find a local professional who has an established track record of quality business and a wealth of experience in the industry. Not only can this type of locksmith point you in the right direction when you look for secure locks; he or she can also test yours to make sure they offer you the safety you want for your door locks.

    Support your doorframe.

    In order for your door locks to be as secure as possible, they will need the support of your doorframe. A weak wooden doorframe may still grant intruders entry, even if your locks remain intact. Consider bolstering your doorframe with a reinforced doorjamb to make your home or workplace even more safe and secure.

  • A Look at Wireless Home Security

    From access control systems to high security locks near Orlando, your locksmith can help you bolster your home security in all kinds of different ways. Wireless home security adds the extra convenience of being able to keep an eye on your home base while you are away. Watch this video for a look at wireless home security.

    Different types of wireless home security systems come in different configurations, but they all share one common trait: you can access and use them remotely. Today’s wireless home security systems are extra convenient because you can use your cell phone, tablet, or other mobile device to see what’s going on at home. Your security system might consist of surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and high security locks. Paired with a DVR, you can record footage from your surveillance cameras for later viewing. Make sure you position your security camera system in a way that they cannot be tampered with while recording.

  • A Closer Look at Gate Locks

    A fence or gate can make for an aesthetically pleasing way to enjoy a greater sense of security. These types of high security locks near Orlando can be great for the gate at the end of your driveway or the gate that allows employees and patrons to access your workplace. Your locksmith can help you choose high quality locks that will hold up over time in order to offer you continuous protection and peace of mind. Feel free to read ahead if you are interested in taking a closer look at gate locks.

    No matter how tall your gate is, it will not do much to protect you if criminals can break through it with ease. Even the sturdiest of materials will not hold intruders out if they are able to pick the lock. That is why you should talk to your locksmith and purchase a quality high security lock for your gate. These gates come in different configurations, and your locksmith will work with you to help you decide what is right for your needs. Gate locks can be crucial for both residential homes and commercial workplaces, and they can offer you the peace of mind you deserve.

    Gate Locks

  • The Benefits of a CCTV System

    A surveillance camera can be a valuable component of your security arrangement, and it comes with a handful of important benefits. If your workplace could be more secure, consider talking to your commercial locksmith about this type of safety feature and keep reading to learn about the benefits of a CCTV system .

    A closed circuit television system, or CCTV system, helps countless people monitor the security of their home or workplace. These systems can also help in a few different ways. You can use your CCTV system to monitor your property in real time, as many security guards do. However, you can also record the footage so that you can review it at a later date, which may allow you to identify a criminal after the fact. Providing this footage to the local authorities may be of great help if you are a victim of vandalism, burglary, or another crime.

    For more on the benefits of a CCTV system in Orlando, feel free to call Armstrong Lock & Security Products at (407) 434-0181. We are happy to help you with access control systems, gun safes, and lock repair. You can learn much more about our services by visiting our website or stopping by our offices today.

    CCTV System

  • Using a Keypad Door Lock

    Access control systems give you more control over the people who enter your home or office. These high-tech door locks make your property much less vulnerable to an intruder. If you are planning to install a keypad door lock, keep reading for tips on how to use it:

    You should have a professional locksmith install the system to ensure it is done properly. Choose a secret combination that is easy for you to remember, but difficult for someone else to guess. You might want to occasionally change the code to make sure the lock is still securing the property.

    At Armstrong Lock & Security Products we want you to feel as secure as possible. From access control systems to high-security locks, we bring you products and services that help you feel more secure at home . To learn more about our services or to request a keypad door lock, visit us online or call (407) 434-0106.

  • The Benefits of Medeco eCylinder Access Control [INFOGRAPHIC]

    When you own a business, access control is one of the biggest challenges you face. Allowing employees to do their jobs sometimes means giving them unfettered access to your workplace, even when you’d rather be able to restrict when and how they can use their keys. With Medeco eCylinder, your access control system issues could finally be solved. With this system, you can create keys that expire, only give access to certain people at certain times, and track exactly who is using keys on any locked area of your business—including to access files. Medeco eCylinder is easy to use and less obtrusive than other access control systems, like traditional electronic systems. Find out more in this infographic from Armstrong Lock & Security Products Consult us when you need a commercial locksmith in Orlando for advice about locking systems and more. Please share this information with others in your company and start a conversation about your security needs today.