• The Different Types of Door Locks

    A locksmith near you can replace your old or damaged electronic door locks in Orlando with high-security locks that will enhance your door security. There have been many advancements in door security over the years, and there are a variety of quality, secure door locks and gate locks available to homeowners. Here is a look at the different types of door locks your locksmith can offer, and how effective they are at maintaining door security.

    Basic Doorknob Locks  Door Locks

    The most basic front door lock available is a doorknob lock. This lock is located on the doorknob or door handle. Some doorknob locks are locked from the inside by turning or compressing a button on the doorknob and locked from the outside by turning a key. Others must be unlocked with a key on the inside and outside. Doorknob locks do not offer much door security, as they can be easily picked or taken apart to allow entry.

    Deadbolt Door Locks

    Deadbolt door locks provide medium door security, as they cannot be picked. These locks consist of a bolt that locks the door to the frame, preventing someone from prying the door open. A single-cylinder deadbolt lock is opened with a key on the outside, and a button on the inside. A double-cylinder deadbolt door lock is opened with a key on both the inside and outside. While double-cylinder deadbolts enhance your overall door security, they can also be dangerous in the event of a fire or other emergency that necessitates a quick exit. If you can’t locate your door key, you may be trapped inside.

    Keyless Door Locks

    Keyless door locks, which are also called electronic door locks or digital door locks, offer the highest level of door security. Electronic locks require a numeric code to be entered to open the door lock. As an anti-break-in measure, they utilize rolling codes to ensure that the same code is never used twice. Some electronic lock systems will sound an alarm or coordinate with your home security system if the wrong code is entered more than three times.

  • What You Need to Know about Door Reinforcement

    Upgrading your front door locks to security locks, electronic door locks, or digital door locks can significantly enhance your door’s security. A high-security lock near Orlando , combined with a comprehensive home security system that includes a security camera system and video surveillance cameras, will keep your family and belongings safe from harm. Here are some important facts that you should know about door reinforcement and door security.

    Basic Elements and Equipment for Door Security Door Security

    In addition to high-quality security locks, your door security can be enhanced by other pieces of equipment. A deadbolt door lock shouldn’t be your primary front door lock, and should be combined with another high-security lock. You also should invest in a solid door with a peephole, and install security cameras or surveillance cameras so that you don’t have to open your door to see who’s there. Your door’s hinges should be on the interior to prevent someone from removing them. Your door shouldn’t have windows or doggy doors that allow access to the door locks.

    The Best High-Security Locks for Doors

    Front door locks have come a long way over the years, and homeowners now have many options for enhancing door security. Deadbolt door locks have long been a standard element of door security, but homeowners should consider installing electronic door locks, keyless door locks, or digital door locks for increased door security. Mechanical and electronic door locks cannot be picked or compromised. When combined with a solid home security system and access control system, your home will be significantly less vulnerable to a break-in.

    Scheduling a Door Security Consultation

    If you’re interested in door reinforcement, you should schedule a door security consultation with your local locksmith company or home security company. A locksmith will thoroughly investigate your property to identify areas that are vulnerable to break-ins. He can then replace your door locks with high-security locks like electronic door locks, keyless door locks, or digital door locks. He can also provide window reinforcement and door lock repair, and install a security camera system or video surveillance system.

  • Using a Keypad Door Lock

    Access control systems give you more control over the people who enter your home or office. These high-tech door locks make your property much less vulnerable to an intruder. If you are planning to install a keypad door lock, keep reading for tips on how to use it:

    You should have a professional locksmith install the system to ensure it is done properly. Choose a secret combination that is easy for you to remember, but difficult for someone else to guess. You might want to occasionally change the code to make sure the lock is still securing the property.

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