• Signs You Need to Replace Your Locks

    High security locks are essential to keeping a home or business safe against burglars or people wandering in unknowingly. To maintain a secure level of safety, locks should be updated somewhat regularly. Continue reading for a few signs that you should look into replacement locks.

    You have difficulty locking or unlocking your door. Replace Your Locks

    If your lock has begun to rust or corrode in any way, then you should be calling your commercial locksmith. If the key sticks every time you put it in the lock, or you have difficulty turning the key, then you need to replace the lock as soon as possible.

    You or an employee has misplaced keys.

    Accidents happen all the time, and one of those accidents might be misplacing the key to your store’s door lock or a desk lock. If the key cannot be located in a timely manner, then you should call a professional to replace the locks . In the event that someone with bad intentions found the key, they might be able to enter your store and steal from you.

    Your store experienced a burglary.

    In the event of a burglary, you should always change the locks everywhere in your store and update the codes of your wall safes. Burglars have many different means to steal information, whether that be a safe code or key information for a door or desk lock. Ensure the security of your employees, merchandise, and important documents by changing the locks after a burglary.

    You are worried about a disgruntled employee.

    Though you should always hope for an amicable end to an employee-employer relationship, that may not always happen. If you have an ex-employee who has a key to your store or codes to your safe, then consider changing the locks, especially if the relationship ended on precarious terms.

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  • A Look at Maxim Deadbolts

    If you are looking for the only name in secure deadbolts, then you look to Medeco Maxim Deadbolts. This lock has proven countless times over that it is the high security lock that burglars cannot beat.

    As you can see in the short video, Maxim Deadbolts can withstand multiple types of attacks, including kicking and hitting with a hammer. The keys cannot be duplicated without the owner’s permission, and they can only be duplicated by a certified residential or commercial locksmith. Both of these features offer you the highest level of protection against burglars.

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  • A Look at the Different Types of Security Safes

    There are several types of security safes available for homeowners and businesses. Depending on need, these owners may choose a security safe that is also fireproof, or they may opt for a simple office safe to keep cash profits protected.

    Wall Safes

    Wall safes are installed into a wall of a home or business. Wall safes keep valuables and files protected against theft, but they should also be rated against fire and water, in the event of a building fire or plumbing leaks. After determining the size and features to include on a wall safe, a homeowner or business owner will consult with a safe installer about the best location for installation. The owner may choose to put a picture or some sort of removable covering over the face of the safe to ensure others do not see it.

    Office Safes Security Safes

    An office safe may differ in size and function, depending on the type of business using it. Some safes are large enough to hold private documents, large amounts of money, and other valuables. Other businesses may choose a smaller safe to hold the physical cash from each day.

    Gun Safes

    A gun safe is used to protect unsuspecting, negligent, or ill-intended people from taking and using the guns in a house or business. There are many sizes of gun safes to hold a small pistol or to hold a large rifle. Many gun safes come with different types of locks, including a combination lock or a biometric lock. A strong gun safe will also be fireproof in the event of a building fire.

    Fireproof Safes

    When choosing a fireproof safe, ratings will differ depending on how long the internal temperature will not exceed 350°F. Fireproof safes will have a fire rating of 1, 2, or 3, indicating the number of hours it will not exceed an internal temperature of 350°F during a fire.

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